What to wear to an interview

Most workers, job-seekers think that their resume and motivation letter is enough for the successful employment, you think that you only need is interview and to discuss working hours. But you forget one very important thing – presentable appearance; often employers are mistaken by potential employees look, even though he / she could have been really exemplary and good workers.

In the perfect world people should not be judged by their appearance but by their mind, however that does not mean that the look is not important. Therefore, it is appropriate to think about their appearance before going to a job interview, the appropriate appearance is one of the most important elements that can lead to a successful interview. It is important to leave the impression to employer. According to Martin Yate (2007) if you dress like a professional, it is likely that you will be accepted like a professional, which is a good start before saying any word. Here are some tips how to look like in your job interview.


The Wall Street Journal conducted a survey, where they asked of various managers what color they like, it showed that 53% of them prefer blue and dark blue colors, 39% – gray and dark gray, so this would be most appropriate costume color. Avoid wearing a black suit.

It is important to mention that the most appropriate color of the shirt is white (the color creates an impression of smart, open, stable personality) or blue (the pale shirt, the better the impression).

The length of tie should be up to the belt buckle, one color, no illustrations or trademarks of any brands.

Men should wear black or brown shoes, preferably leather. Socks – should go with the suit, i.e., blue, black, gray or brown. Accessories? Just watch, everything else is not necessary, unless a wedding ring.

Raincoat – beige or blue. It should be worn only if the suit is wet, in other cases it should be in your hands.


Differently from men, women are advised to wear gray or black suits, this color suits them. It is advised to wear long-sleeved blouse, a single color: white, cream or gray, pale pink or blue.

The right shoes for women are leather shoes, dark red and purple, dark blue, green colors, bright red are also acceptable as well as black and brown shoes. Avoid wearing colorful or fashionable shoes.

It is important to use not too much cosmetics, better to look natural, avoid bright lipstick. Put your make up as you are going to the job interview, not to the party.