Temporary employment

Modern personal management means  gives us an opportunity to organize human resources.

In other words – personnel rent – it is a great opportunity to fill job vacancies for long term and short terms projects. According to the law of employment, which entered into force on 1 December 2011, through temporary employment undertakings we are taking care of our employees and employers, and we are seeking for the best results.

Temporary employment is an inevitable benefit for any company and employee. First of all, company saves costs when resolving personnel management issues. We can offer a service in significantly short period of time to find suitable employees for You. With our services, You will not need to take care of employee selection and juridical recruitment issues, which is inevitable when employing workers. Temporary employment is very useful in production companies where it is possible to give more attention for product itself other than taking care of work force. It is extremely flexible work form.

We have created enormous data base, where we keep our candidates’ data according to various production branches and professions, which help to save more money. When conducting our services, we are prepared to hear Your wishes. As representatives of temporary employment, we are keeping honesty and rightness as great value and we are seeking to become the best company in temporary employment field.